Hot List: 19 restaurants you need to know in Dallas-Fort Worth in October 2021

October 1, 2021

Second Rodeo Brewing looks like a great spot to have a beer, right?

Second Rodeo Brewing in Fort Worth sells beer “without the pretentious craft attitude,” and we all know what they mean. The giant indoor-outdoor space comes from Jason Boso, owner of the Truck Yard — another unpretentious bar that started on Lowest Greenville in Dallas and has spread to a bigger spot in The Colony. Second Rodeo looks like a Truck Yard, actually, with its purposefully mismatched patio furniture and old metal signs. Second Rodeo promises it’ll play country music from Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash but “none of that Nashville pop here.” In addition to beer, Second Rodeo sells frozen Trash Can Punch and Atomic Cool-Aid.

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