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  • 122 E. Exchange Avenue Ste 340

    Fort Worth , TX 76164

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What we're about

If you’re into real Texas music, house-brewed beer and delicious grub made with nothing organic, you’ve come to the right place. Second Rodeo Brewing is a come-as-you-are brewery, live music venue and outdoor bar-garden for folks of all ages and their furry buddies, too.

Inspired by the Outlaw Country music renegades and the outlaw cowboys of yesteryear’s Texas Prison Rodeo, you will discover a unique and playful interior design with many hidden gems.

Sit back with a cold one, pet your dog, chat with your college friends and enjoy the live Texas music of Western Swing, Texas Blues, Outlaw Country and the classics. We ain’t got none of that Nashville pop here. With three live sets daily, music is always free and all are welcome.

Brought to you by the Truck Yard folks, Second Rodeo Brewing features Truck Yard’s famous cheesesteaks and Second Rodeo’s new funkified chicken wings like “maple bacon glazed wings with waffle crumble” or “PB&J."

We are big on celebrating Texas, saying “F this” to the norm, and creating a place where even Johnny, Willie and Waylon would be proud to hang. With a spot in the historic Stockyards, Second Rodeo represents what Fort Worth was meant to be.

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The Good Stuff: The Brews

When it comes to brewing great beer, this ain’t our first rodeo. In fact, it’s our third. Our secret weapon? Dennis Wehrmann, our Brew Boss.

Born into 5 generations of brewers and more accolades than we can type, Dennis is the real deal and he knows how to make damn good beer (with none of the pretentious “craft” attitude).

The Second Rodeo lineup boasts a flavor profile of truly Texas mainstays with room for fun rotational flavors, all served straight from the brewery onsite. But don’t be fooled, we’ve got a full bar with awesome cocktails.



Truck Yard is a come-as-you-are bar garden for adults, families and their dogs. We play free live music almost every day and promote local food trucks on our always rotating Food Truck lineup.

Each location is entirely unique and features crazy things like real ferris wheels, a toilet seat museum (yes, toilets--you have to see it), a treehouse, an on-site brewery featuring sour beers...or whatever the hell else we feel like adding. Give us a visit, you'll see what we mean!

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Truck Yard Alliance

3101 Prairie Vista Dr, Ft Worth, TX 76177

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Truck Yard The Colony

5959 Grove Ln, The Colony, TX 75056

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Truck Yard Dallas

5624 Sears St, Dallas, TX 75206

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Truck Yard Houston

2118 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77003