Looking to be an outlaw when it comes to your next event? We do things different around these parts.

We offer rentable single space, partial buyouts or full venue buyouts. Need more info and pricing? Fill out a request form for more information.

OUTLAW COUNTRY - seats up to 30 people

Saddle on up and hang with the Highway men: Johnny, Waylon, Kris and Willie. With large high-top tables and chairs - Outlaw Country is the perfect place for cowboys and cowgirls who like to party. This area is located in our Beer Yard with a retractable roof. Rain or shine, you'll be comfortable and ready to have a good time! This space is semi-private as we stanchion the entry ways off from the public.

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Are you ready to do some time in the Cell Block? Whether you're looking for a unique photo op or a quirky event space, the jail cell is sure to make a lasting impression on your posse. This space is located inside the main bar and includes seating at an assortment of tables and booths. The Cell Block is a semi-private space, reserved with stanchions across the entry ways.

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WATER TOWER - seats up to 20

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GAMING ALLEY - (limited seating)

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BACK PATIO - seats up to 80-100

Turn up the heat and light up the night on the Back Patio! This area includes cozy seating with plenty of space for standin' and dancin'. Located along the backside of the building, this spot features our famous Truck Bed Tables, lawn chairs, Water Tower seating and a fireplace. YEEHAW!

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The Brewery Table is located across from our downstairs bar, right next to the Brewery.

This space features one long table with 10 seats - making it the perfect space for smaller events & guaranteed seating!

Rates will vary based on Day of the Week

Peak Days - Fri. - Sun // Non Peak Days - Mon - Thurs.


No Event Space Needed - But Want to Take Care of Your Guests? Then try our Prison Break Package!!

We'll provide tickets or wristbands for your group for food/drink purchases and you pick up the tab. Then, y'all can sit anywhere you like as long as it's not reserved or already occupied. Fill out an Event Request Form to learn more.

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