Four Couples will Say ‘I do’ at Second Rodeo Brewing

June 9, 2022

Second Rodeo Brewing Co. in the Stockyards has a “shotgun wedding,” where four brides and grooms can ditch the anxiety or unplanned circumstances for their big day.

The couples simply want to skip the painful planning and expense of tying the knot as the traditionalists do it. As far as the brewery is concerned, officials there say the marriages fit their custom of turning a nose to convention.

Oh, and there will be beer as it does take place in their beer garden.

On location will be an officiant — the brewery’s owner, Jason Boso — a live band, cowboys, beer bouquets, and a room full of people to witness the couples’ nuptials. Local restaurants and vendors will also be pitching to offer wedding gifts to the newlyweds.

Bob Eubanks will not be there. (Think, “Newlywed Game” fame.)

Second Rodeo Brewing Co. is at 122 E. Exchange Ave.

“We are most excited that we will forever be a part of people's love stories!” Second Rodeo Brewing Co. says in a statement promoting the union ceremony. “There’s nothing more outlaw than bucking the traditional wedding process and getting hitched with a beer in hand. We are thrilled to welcome these outlaws to the Second Rodeo family.”

Gabi and Eric met through two mutual friends in March 2019. The two have been wanting to get married, but between conflicting schedules, they haven’t been able to find the time. One couple swears that they aren’t a traditional couple, and this was an excellent opportunity for them to skip the stress and enjoy themselves.

“Nothing about our relationship has been traditional,” Gabi says. “We’ve always been spontaneous. Everything in our relationship has been spontaneous from the start. “We do almost everything on a whim. We have gone on road trips; some have been planned and some not.”

The two both applied for the opportunity to be wed shotgun-style at Second Rodeo, and once chosen, both were shocked themselves. Gabi recalls being in class at nursing school when she received notification that she was getting married. Eric was at work, stepping out for a moment before also notifying his coworkers he was getting married.

“This way, it’s better to be happy than stressed,” Eric says. “We don't have to stress over every small and minute detail. People say couples never enjoy their wedding day because they’re stressed and never get to eat their cake. This way, we can enjoy it … and eat the cake too.”

This is the first time Second Rodeo is hosting the shotgun wedding event, but it hopes to hold more after this one.

“Outlaw cowboys inspire us,” Second Rodeo says, “so, when we were brainstorming activities that ‘wow’ we immediately thought about hosting a Wild West wedding. It sealed the deal when we realized Jason Boso was already a legal officiant. We knew we had to pull this off!”

Safe to say, there will be plenty of toasts.