Triple Dunkel

Dark Malt - Second Rodeo Brewing

10oz pour. This beer is brewed after our brewmasters original German Dunkel recipe with Two Row, Caramel, and Munich malt as well special roasted chocolate malt and dark malt. Why triple? Because we used 3 times the amount of all the grain for a regular Dunkel but only the ratio of brew water as a regular Dunkel.

What does that mean. It means it is strong in flavor and alcohol. With a starting gravity of over 20% Plato and fermented down to a little bit under 3% this beer comes out at around 10.5% alc by vol.

The beer features aromas and flavors of dark fruit and a lot of coffee and chocolate flavor. It also has a sweetness in the middle which is balanced out with German Saaz hops to give it a little bitter finish. Think of dark bitter chocolate.

A recommendation from our Brewmaster: mix a shot of Whisky in your mouth with a zip of Triple Dunkel for a full flavor explosion.