Beard Science Woodruff Berliner Weisse $6/22

Woodruff is a German herb that grows deep in the woods and has green leaves with white flowers. It is known for its earthy, almost hay-like flavor and aroma with a light sweetness to it, to cut through any kind of sourness. The Ph is 3.5 and makes this a wonderful beverage on a nice day in the Yard.

Barrel Queen Blonde Ale:

This Blonde is brewed with Pale Malt and Cascade and Saaze hops. It is a light and refreshing beer with slight notes of grain and grass and a very mild hop aroma and bitterness. Enjoy year-around and for sure in the Texas heat.

Mex Tex Mexican Lager:

As Mexican Lagers have a deep European history, it is no surprise that German hops and European lager yeast is used in most of them. Our Mexican Lager is made with Pale Malt and Rolled Corn as well we used hops from the Hersbrucker region in Germany and a Cech lager yeast. Expect a light beer with an ABV in the low 4% and slight flavors of flowers and dry grass as well a nice sweetness at the end from the rolled corn finished with some hop bitterness. Ask for a dash of salt and a slice of lime if you feel like it.

Roll Dog Amber Ale:

This American Amber Ale is brewed with Two Row, Munich, Caramel and some Chocolate malt. Only American hops are used and this 5% ABV beer features aromas and flavors of caramel and malt sweetness, followed by some fruit and citrus as well a pine-like bitterness.

Cadillac Job Hefeweizen:

A traditional German Hefeweizen brewed to the perfection of the Bavarian standards with over 50% Wheat malt and some Pale malt. Fermented with a Bavarian wheat yeast strain, expect the typical flavors and aromas of banana some orange and a spice glove finish. Only slightly hopped with German Hersbrucker hops. The creamy mouthfeel is just a plus for the refreshing first sip.

Big Buckle IPA:

Our IPA has an IBU of 60 and its bitterness is nicely balanced with some floral aromas as well some pineapple comes through. The taste is of piney and bitter followed by a little malt sweetness in the finish taste.

Sidewalk Flower:

A beer we are especially proud of. This is a kettle soured “Berliner Weisse” fermented with Cucumber and Lemon. It is a low ABV beer coming in at only 3.2%. The combination of the sourness with refreshing cucumber and some sweetness from the lemon makes this a perfect thirst quencher and your tastebuds will ask for more. Uniquely, this combination also brings some aromas and flavors of vanilla and candy with it. Think about a “Jolly Rancher”.

Dark Hefeweizen Bock:

A style of beer that is not seen very often. It is one of our Brewer’s favorites. A dark Hefeweizen that is brewed as a Bock beer and features ABV at around 6.4%. Just like our regular Hefeweizen this is brewed to German standards, and we’ve added different roasted malts. Fruity and spicy with an almost coffee-like taste in the middle, it will finish with a nicely balanced alcohol-warming feel to it.

Oktoberfest Beer:

A beer rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness, like a Vienna lager. Toasted bread or biscuit-like malt aroma and flavor is to be expected. A slight dark Cherry aroma is also featured in this seasonal brew. ABV:5.0

Hibiscus Seltzer:

Is it Beer or is it not? That is the answer we will leave up to you. But it is made with pure water, 100% fermentable sugar and 100% organic Hibiscus leaves. The red color comes strictly from the Hibiscus, and you can smell and taste the flower and fruitiness of this cold beverage. A sparkling wine dryness and grape-like finish only makes this more interesting.